FF VII Event Preview – The Dirge Begins

I assure you the Dirge began a long time ago.

Video Preview:

Shelke joins our already gigantic cast of FF VII characters. She makes the third Support 5 in the realm and you could be forgiven for feeling like she’s unwelcome due to that fact. If so, I implore you to reconsider. With her above average stats, ability coverage, and sword usage she makes for an intriguing option and very much worth your further consideration.


Level 99 Stats: HP 6930, ATK 206, DEF 139, MAG 118, RES 127, MND 135, ACC 25, EVA 33, SPD 187
Weapons: Daggers, Swords, Spears
Armor: Hats, Light Armor, Bracers
Ability Schools: Combat 3, Support 5, Celerity 5, Machinist 4

New Legend Dives

Vincent: +700 HP,  +30 ATK, +25 DEF, +30 MAG, +25 RES, Minor Paralysis Resist, Moderate Paralysis Resist, +9% Fire Damage

Red XIII: +800 HP, +35 ATK, +35 DEF, +30 RES, Minor Paralysis Resist, Moderate Paralysis Resist, +9% Support Ability Damage

New Legend Materia

Vincent LM1 “Turk of Turks”: Increases Fire damage dealt by 10%
Vincent LM2 “Inner Beast”: Restores HP for 100% of the user’s maximum HP and grants Galian Beast when HP fall below 20%
Key Statuses “Galian Beast”: ATK, DEF, MAG, RES, MND, ACC and EVA +20%, cast speed x2,00 for 15 seconds

Red XIII LM1 “Ferocious Fang”: Support abilities deal 15% more damage
Red XIII LM2 “Proud Warrior”: Increases the duration of stat buffs by 40%

Banner 1

Vincent USB (1/14%)

Relic “Cerberus”: Gun, RS +Fire
Soul Break “Lucrecia’s Lament”: Fire/NE
Six group ranged physical (0,85 each) or magical (2,25 each) attacks depending on highest offensive attribute, grants Attach Fire, EX: Cerberus, Quick Cast 1“Quick Cast 1” [ID:2019]
Cast speed x2,00, lasts for 1 turn
and Hybrid ATK“Hybrid ATK” [ID:593]
ATK +30% for 15 seconds
or Hybrid MAG“Hybrid MAG” [ID:594]
MAG +30% for 15 seconds
to the user
Key Statuses “EX: Cerberus”: Grants Quick Cast 1“Quick Cast 1” [ID:2019]
Cast speed x2,00, lasts for 1 turn
after using a Fire attack for 15 seconds

Description: Here we have another member of the club started by Terra and joined by Ace. Vincent’s variation is that he adds the option to play as physical to the mix, utilizing Ruby Spark as his weapon of choice to pair with Chain Firaga on the other side of the fence. Vincent, like those that came before him, turns into a fiery terror with his USB alone and can add his BSB to the mix for added effect.
Recurrence: None
Rating: 90/100

Red XIII USB (1/14%)

Relic “Centclip”: Hairpin
Soul Break “Mighty Warrior”: ATK, DEF and RES +30% for 25 seconds, grants Haste and Astra“Astra” [ID:594]
Prevents Poison, Silence, Paralyze, Confuse, Slow, Stop, Blind, Sleep, Petrify, Berserk, Sap, Stun and Frozen once. Lasts 25 seconds

Description: Easy evaluation. Red XIII trades away a hybrid buff and adds status protection to fill the gap. If you’re specializing in physical, that’s a trade you’ll take every time. Awesome buffing SB. If only Red XIII were a better character.
Recurrence: None
Rating: 80/100

Shelke BSB (1/14%)

Relic “Spear”: Spear, +Lightning
Soul Break “Synaptic Net Dive”: Lightning/NE, Instant Cast Time
Ten random attacks (0,70 each), ATK, DEF, MAG, RES and MND -30% for 25 seconds, grants Haste and Burst Mode to the user
C1 “Hard Break Pierce”: Lightning/NE, Support, Half Cast Time
MAG -50% for 15 seconds
C2 “Weakness Stab”: Lightning/NE, Support, Half Cast Time
MND -40% for 15 seconds

Description: Essentially a clear upgrade to Fran’s BSB, which was celebrated when it came out, and for good reason. The stackability of Penta Break can’t be denied and her half cast time commands are perfect for pairing with some good abilities. The usefulness of her Mind Breakdown command will always be limited, so make sure to make good use out of those ability slots. Also, a nice SB to have around to give further value to legend diving Shelke, who is a stellar speed clear commando due to being the Entrust Queen thanks to her Haste + Instant Cast 3 LM2.
Recurrence: Gaia’s Rulers Banner 2
Rating: 80/100

Vincent BSB (1/14%)

Relic “Vincent’s Glove”: Bracers, +Fire
Soul Break “Galian Beast”: Fire/NE
Six group physical (0,94 each) or magical (2,26 each) attacks depending on highest offensive attribute, grants Radiant Shield“Radiant Shield 100%” [ID:260]
Returns all the damage taken to the attacker for 30 seconds
to all allies, grants Haste and Burst Mode to the user
C1 “Claws of the Damned”: Fire/NE, Darkness, PHY
Four single attacks (0,47 each), 0,65 multiplier if the user has any Doom
C2 “Howl of the Damned”: Fire/NE, Darkness, BLK
Four single attacks (2,04 each), 2,86 multiplier if the user has any Doom

Description: I sincerely apologize to this relic for the way in which I evaluated it back in the day. I didn’t fully understand the scaling goodness that was Radiant Shield. This BSB is a perfect compliment to Vincent’s USB, but stands alone as a powerful draw by itself due to the damage output of the damage mirror and the Doom boosted commands which are easily unlocked with Memento Mori or Death Throes.
Recurrence: None
Rating: 70/100 (+10 w/ USB)

Sephiroth BSB2 (1/14%)

Relic “Yoshiyuki-shinuchi”: Katana, +Dark
Soul Break “Octaslash”: Dark/NE
Eight single attacks (0,78 each), grants Haste, Dual Blink 2“Dual Blink 2” [ID:280]
Evades the next two attacks that could be evaded with Physical or Magical Blink, lower priority
, Attach Dark and Burst Mode to the user
C1 “Black Wing”: Dark/NE, Darkness
3/4/5 single attacks (0,60 each) at 750/1180 ATK
C2 “Fallen Angel”: Dark/NE, Darkness
Two group attacks (0,65 each), grants Dark Bargain“Dark Bargain” [ID:6001]
ATK +30%, DEF -30%
to the user for 20 seconds

Description: Quietly one of the highest damage output physical BSBs in the game. The entry has a free Dual Blink 2, the first command has enormous damage potential, and the second command provides a self-buff and/or area damage. The only fault this BSB could have had was that it belongs to Sephiroth, who has had equipment selection concerns since the dawn of time. The Dark boosting Katana nullifies that concern. Of note, this is the best +Dark weapon available for use by Shadow to go with his immensely powerful USB.
Recurrence: Gaia’s Rulers Banner 1
Rating: 80/100

Red XIII LMR (1/14%)

Relic “Hairpin”: Hairpin
Legend Materia “Hero’s Son”: Increases the duration of stat debuffs by 30%

Description: Red XIII is a buffing specialist. This LMR is meant to pair with his BSB commands, which is absolutely not Red’s strength. This is a bad LMR, but at least it’s not entirely useless.
Recurrence: None
Rating: 30/100 (+10 w/ BSB)

Vincent LMR (1/14%)

Relic “Vincent’s Bandana”: Hat
Legend Materia “Seeing in Red”: 25% chance to dualcast Fire abilities

Description: Standard but excellent.
Recurrence: None
Rating: 60/100 (+20 w/ BSB and/or USB)

Shelke SSB (2/14%)

Relic “Shelke’s Gloves”: Bracers, Minor Lightning Resist
Soul Break “Countertek”:
Removes positive effects, removes negative effects to all allies, grants High Regen to all allies

Description: A rare area effect dispel is an interesting addition to Shelke’s arsenal. Its use will be very rare, but it’s one of those things you’ll be happy to have in the bank when those times occur.
Recurrence: Gaia’s Rulers Banner 1
Rating: 40/100

Vincent SSB2 (2/14%)

Relic “Shortbarrel”: Gun
Soul Break “Bestial Roar”: Fire
Eight single attacks (2,21 each), grants Attach Fire to the user

Description: Overwritten by USB, but useful otherwise with the future Chain Firaga buff. Good if you pull stuff other than Vincent’s USB and decide to stop.
Recurrence: None
Rating: 50/100 (-20 w/ USB)

Cid7 SSB2 (2/14%)

Relic “Javelin”: Spear
Soul Break “Pilot’s Steel”:
Grants Haste, ATK +50% for 25 seconds

Description: It’s been everywhere. It’s also still one of the strongest buffing SSBs in the game so quit your whining! It’s one of the best CM SBs. Makes a lot of the limited content easy, like D300 Gi Nattak.
Recurrence: None
Rating: 60/100

Red XIII SSB2 (1/14%)

Relic “Crystal Comb”: Hairpin
Soul Break “Protector’s Roar”:
ATK, DEF and MND +30% for 25 seconds

Description: Triple buff that stacks with Red XIII’s triple buff USB? I’m absolutely okay with them being here together.
Recurrence: None
Rating: 60/100


Banner 2

Zack CSB (1/14%)

Relic “Enhancer”: Sword, RS +Wind
Soul Break “Lucky Stars”:
ATK +50% for 25 seconds, grants Critical Damage +50% for 25 seconds, Wind Chain +20%

Description: This bizarre CSB felt like trading in its damage output for some buffs. This is ultimately okay as long as you make use of that Critical Damage buff. I know just the fellow. Unfortunately, Cloud’s USB isn’t on this banner. Of course, if you escaped the previous FF VII event’s banner with Cloud’s USB and little else, this banner might have caught your eye. Zack’s CSB holds the strange distinction of having no 5* or 6* elemental ability to pair with it for advancing the chain. Pair with his BSB or you can sit there shrugging at your target for a while.
Recurrence: Super Fest Banner 2(?)
Rating: 80/100

Tifa USB (1/14%)

Relic “Premium Heart”: Fist, RS +Earth
Soul Break “Meteodrive”: Earth/NE
Ten single attacks (0,70 each), grants Haste, Radiant Shield“Radiant Shield 100%” [ID:260]
Returns all the damage taken to the attacker for 30 seconds
and High Regen to all allies

Description: Earth damage is rare. Radiant Shield is good. Hastega is good. This is a pretty good “SSB” with High Regen tacked on. Better when Tifa gets a spammable Earth monk ability in the future.
Recurrence: None
Rating: 60/100

Barret BSB (1/14%)

Relic “AM Cannon”: Gun Arm
Soul Break “Massive Hammerblow”:
Six group ranged attacks (0,98 each), ATK, DEF, MAG and RES -40% for 25 seconds, grants Haste and Burst Mode to the user
C1 “Break Bomb”: Support
Two ranged attacks (1,20 each), ATK -50% for 15 seconds
C2 “Break Launcher”: Support
Two ranged attacks (1,20 each), MAG -40% for 15 seconds

Description: Barret was not a good character. This sleepy Full Breakdown BSB doesn’t change anything.
Recurrence: None
Rating: 50/100

Cloud BSB2 (1/14%)

Relic “Ultima Blade”: Sword
Soul Break “Cloud Cycle”: Wind/NE
Eight single attacks (0,83 each), grants Haste, Attach Wind and Burst Mode to the user
C1 “Sonic Rush”: Wind/NE, Combat
Four single attacks (0,14 each), multiplier increases with user’s ATK
C2 “Slashing Blow”: Wind/NE, Combat
Two group attacks (0,65 each), grants Dark Bargain“Dark Bargain” [ID:6001]
ATK +30%, DEF -30%
to the user for 20 seconds

Description: High damage and Combat commands designed to work with his LM2. Not quite Sephiroth levels of awesome, but of course Cloud potentially has access to his USB, which treads all over the concept of sanity.
Recurrence: 30th Anniversary Festival Banner 3(?)
Rating: 70/100 (+10 w/ USB)

Zack BSB (1/14%)

Relic “Rune Blade”: Sword
Soul Break “Meteor Shots”: Wind/Earth
Eight random ranged attacks (0,96 each), causes Imperil Wind 20% for 25 seconds, grants Haste and Burst Mode to the user
C1 “Eye of the Tornado”: Wind/NE, Celerity, Half Celerity Cast Time
Four single attacks (0,47 each)
C2 “Blast Rush”: Wind/NE, Celerity, Half Celerity Cast Time
Two group attacks (0,60 each)

Description: Faster cast times are resistant to power creep because they act as a multiplier to your constantly rising power level. Zack’s commands aren’t just fast, they’re half the cast time of Celerity abilities which lands them at 0.60, which is faster than Ninja abilities. This BSB has been good and will continue to be for a while yet.
Recurrence: None
Rating: 70/100

Cloud LMR (1/14%)

Relic “Steady Light”: Light Armor, +Wind
Legend Materia “Sprinting Wolf”: 35% chance to grant Quick Cast 1“Quick Cast 1” [ID:2019]
Cast speed x2,00, lasts for 1 turn
to the user after using a Wind attack

Description: Cloud is useful for many things thanks to Omega Drive. It’s a shame that his LMR mostly only helps when using his BSB2.
Recurrence: None
Rating: 40/100 (+10 w/ BSB2)

Tifa LMR (1/14%)

Relic “Seventh Heaven”: Fist
Legend Materia “Brawling Barkeep”: ATK +1% for each hit dealt with damaging PHY attacks, up to +35%

Description: One of these things. These aren’t good. Too slow to be effective.
Recurrence: None
Rating: 30/100

Aerith SSB (2/14%)

Relic “Wizard Staff”: Staff
Soul Break “Pulse of Life”:
Restores HP (50), grants Reraise: 40% to all allies

Description: It’s a medica. Barely.
Recurrence: Gaia’s Rulers Banner 1
Rating: 30/100

Barret SSB (2/14%)

Relic “Heavy Vulcan”: Gun Arm
Soul Break “Hyper Grenade Bomb”: Fire/NE
Ten random ranged attacks (0,76 each), ATK, DEF, MAG, RES and MND -30% for 25 seconds

Description: Good SB on a bad character and attached to a Gun Arm. Oh well.
Recurrence: None
Rating: 40/100

Tifa SSB (2/14%)

Relic “Master Fist”: Fist
Soul Break “Dolphin Blow”:
Four single attacks (1,95 each), ATK +50% to the user for 25 seconds

Description: This is kind of embarrassing.
Recurrence: None
Rating: 30/100

Rufus SSB (1/14%)

Relic “Combat Shotgun”: Gun
Soul Break “Mako Barrage”: Dark/NE
Six group ranged attacks (convergent 1,29 each), causes Imperil Dark 20% for 25 seconds

Description: Strange that this is the best SSB on the banner. Dark Imperil on a character with a strong skill set and Darkness abilities and buffs to look forward to in the future to take advantage of it.
Recurrence: None
Rating: 50/100


Banners Overview

Banner 1: Varied. Physical and Magical damage with Buffing and Debuffing Support. Fire and Dark. Complimentary low end.
Banner 2: Wind Focus. Earth. Weak low end. For those who have Cloud USB and nothing else from the high end.

I’ll skip to the second banner since it’s easy to wrap up. This banner is probably not good for you. The LMR are average tier at best and the SSB section is a mess. You’re pulling here because you have Cloud’s USB and want his BSB2 and a good Zack to pair with it. Tifa’s USB is a nice addition. The rest of the banner is rough and you’ll likely want to stay away unless you meet that specific condition, and even then I’d suggest taking a good hard look at it because this banner can quickly suck your resources dry and leave you with nothing to show for it.

The first banner is the real prize here. Vincent is a powerful character due to many things, including his Support 4 and Darkness access as well as his status as a true hybrid, allowing team building flexibility only seen in a couple other characters. Getting even one of his SBs here is enough to buy him a ticket onto a team, and getting both together turns him into a true nightmare worthy of Entrusting.

Add powerful physical Dark damage, top-tier physical buffing from Red XIII, and the speed demon Lightning debuffing from Shelke and you have a strong supporting cast behind Vincent.

My suggestions for pulling here would be if you’re in the market for FF VII synergy and having a powerful Fire SB is on your wishlist. The strong supporting cast means the chances of hitting on something nice is good while you search for the prize. And remember that although Vincent’s USB is spectacular, his SSB is actually quite good as well when paired with his BSB, though it’s only magical, so picking it up should play a part in your decision to make an exit from the banner.

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