Autumn Festival 2018 Banner 2 Information

Detailed effect information credited to Enlir’s FFRK Database.

  • Cloud ASB [+Wind Sword]
    20 ST physical Wind attacks and 1 ST physical Wind attack that can break the damage cap
  • Terra USB2
    10 ST magical Fire attacks. EnFire, Black Magic 30% Boost, and Brave Mode
    Brave Mode: 1 ST magical Fire attack and consume all Brave charges. Multiplier scales with Brave charge. Breaks damage cap at Brave charge 1+. +1 Brave charge when using Black Magic abilities. Start with 1 Brave charge. Max of 3 Brave charges.
  • Onion Knight USB3 [+Water Light Armor]
    10 ST magical Wind/Water/Fire/Earth attacks. EX: Wisdom of Light
    EX: Wisdom of Light: MAG +30%, cast speed x2 for magical damage, casts Wind/Water/Fire/Earth Onion Magic after using a Wind/Water/Fire/Earth Black Magic ability
  • Faris USB3
    10 ST physical Wind/NE attacks. Imperil Wind 20% for 25 seconds, cast Pirate’s Steel after every second Thief ability used for 15 seconds
    Pirate’s Steel: Causes Imperil Wind 10% for 15 seconds
  • Elarra USB
    Instant Curaga Medica. Regenga“Regenga” [ID:50141]
    Heals for 2000 HP every 2 seconds for 4 seconds. Lasts 1 more second for every 100 MND
    and High Quick Cast 2“High Quick Cast 2” [ID:2021]
    Cast speed x3,00, lasts for 2 turns
    to the party
  • Cloud Glint
    6 ST physical Wind attacks. EnWind, EnWind Stacking.
  • Faris BSB2
    Instant 8 ST physical Wind/Fire attacks. ATK/DEF -50% to the target
    C1: 2 ST physical Wind/Fire attacks. ATK -40% to the target
    C2: 2 ST physical Wind/Fire attacks. DEF -40% to the target
  • Elarra BSB
    Curaga Medica. Last Stand to the party
    C1: MND +20% and Quick Cast 3“Quick Cast 3” [ID:2015]
    Cast speed x2,00, lasts for 3 turns

    C2: Standard Medica Command
  • Papalymo BSB [+Fire Rod]
    8 ST magical Fire/NE attacks. EnFire
    C1: 3/4/5/6 ST magical fire attacks based on MAG 0/720/1123/1193
    C2: 2 AoE magical Fire/NE attacks. Magic Bargain“Magic Bargain” [ID:6002]
    MAG +30%, DEF -30%
  • Alphinaud BSB
    8 ST magical SUM Wind/NE attacks. EnWind
    C1: 4 ST magical SUM Wind/NE attacks. Instant Cast 1
    C2: 2 ST magical SUM Wind/NE attacks. Smart Ether 1“Smart Ether 1”
    Restores a Use to the ability with the least Uses remaining
  • Cloud LMR2
    25% chance to dualcast Wind abilites
  • Papalymo LMR
    Start battle with EnFire
  • Faris LMR [+Wind Light Armor]
    Increase damage by 3/6/9/12/20% based on 1/2/3/4/5 of enemy’s stats lowered
  • Elarra LMR
    25% chance to Standard Medica after using a Bard ability

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