Autumn Festival 2018 Banner 3 Information

Detailed effect information credited to Enlir’s FFRK Database.

  • Celes ASB [+Ice Sword]
    3 ST physical Holy/Ice/Wind attacks that can break the damage cap
  • Tidus ASB
    20 ST physical Water attacks and 1 ST physical Water attack that can break the damage cap
  • Serah CSB
    150% Max Ice Chain and +50% Ice damage field effect for 15 seconds. +50% MAG to party for 25 seconds
  • Rydia USB2
    10 ST magical Water/NE attacks. EnWater, MAG/DEF +30% for 25 seconds, Tidal Flood Follow-Up.
    Tidal Flood: 5 ST magical Water/NE attacks after using a Water ability. Smart Ether 2 when removed
  • Celes USB
    10 ST physical Holy/Ice/Wind/NE attacks. High Runic“High Runic” [ID:531]
    Taunts single-target BLK and WHT attacks for 25 seconds, absorbs BLK and WHT attacks to restore 1 consumed ability use
    , Spellblade +30% Boost, and Spellblade Ability Double
  • Celes Glint
    Instant, 100% Critical 2, High Quick Cast 2“High Quick Cast 2” [ID:2021]
    Cast speed x3,00, lasts for 2 turns
  • Edge BSB
    8 ST physical Water/NE attacks. EnWater
    C1: Fast Cast 4 ST physical Water/NE attacks
    C2: Fast Cast 2 AoE physical Water/NE attacks
  • Serah BSB1
    8 ST magical Ice/NE attacks. EnIce
    C1: 4 ST magical Ice/NE attacks
    C2: 2 AoE magical Ice/NE attacks
  • Rikku BSB2
    8 ST ranged physical Water/NE attacks. EnWater
    C1: Fast Cast 4 ST ranged physical Water/NE attacks
    C2: 2 ST ranged physical Water/NE attacks. ATK -50% to the enemy, ATK +50% to the user
  • Snow BSB1 [+Ice Light Armor]
    8 ST physical Ice/NE attacks. Last Stand“Last Stand” [ID:261]
    Prevents death by way of damage once, restoring HP for 1% maximum HP
    to the party
    C1: 4 ST physical Ice/NE attacks
    C2: 3 ST physical Ice/NE attacks. Oathsworn Espada“Oathsworn Espada” [ID:6007]
    ATK and DEF +30% for 25 seconds
  • Rydia LMR2
    Start battle with EnWater
  • Celes LMR [+Holy Light Armor]
    25% chance to dualcast Spellblade abilities
  • Edge LMR
    25% chance to grant Physical Blink 1“Physical Blink 1” [ID:518]
    Evades the next PHY attack that deals physical, missing HP or fixed damage or NAT attack that deals physical or fractional damage
    after using a Ninja ability
  • Serah LMR [+Ice Light Armor]
    25% chance to dualcast Ice abilities

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