Autumn Festival 2018 Banner 5 Information

Banner information obtained from the Official JP FFRK Wiki.
Detailed effect information credited to Enlir’s FFRK Database.
Relics new to the game are in bold as well as a link to their animation(if available).

  • Shantotto ASB
    3 ST magical Lightning attacks that can break the damage cap
  • Prompto CSB
    150% Max Lightning Chain and +50% Lightning damage field effect for 15 seconds. +50% ATK to party for 25 seconds
  • Kain USB2
    10 ST ranged physical Lightning attacks. EnLightning, No Air Time 2, and Brave Mode
    Brave Mode: 1 ST ranged Lightning jump attack with No Air Time and consume all Brave charges. Multiplier scales with Brave charge. Breaks damage cap at Brave charge 1+. +1 Brave charge when using Dragoon abilities. Start with 1 Brave charge. Max of 3 Brave charges.
  • Garnet CSB [+Lightning Light Armor]
    150% Max Lightning Chain and +50% Lightning damage field effect for 15 seconds. +50% MAG to party for 25 seconds
  • Shantotto USB
    10 ST magical Lightning/Ice/Fire attacks. EnLightning and EX: Twinstrike
    EX: Twinstrike: MAG +30% and Witch Ability Double
  • Shantotto Glint
    Instant, Medium Buff Lightning, and High Quick Cast 2“High Quick Cast 2” [ID:2021]
    Cast speed x3,00, lasts for 2 turns
  • Ignis BSB
    Haste and ATK/RES +30% to the party. Ingredients +2
    C1: 3 ST physical Fire/Lightning/Ice attacks. Ingredients +1
    C2 Two Ingredients: 100% Critical to target. Ingredients -1
    C2 One Ingredient: 30% Max HP heal and Critical Damage +50% to target. Ingredients -1
    C2 Zero Ingredients: 40% Max HP heal and Instant Cast 1 to target. Ingredients -1
  • Shelke BSB [+Lightning Spear]
    Instant 10 random physical Lightning/NE attacks. ATK/DEF/MAG/RES/MND -30% to all targets for 25 seconds
    C1: Fast cast 1 ST physical Lightning/NE attack. MAG -50% for 15 seconds
    C2: Fast cast 1 ST physical Lightning/NE attack. MND -40% for 15 seconds
  • Aphmau BSB
    Cura Medica. MAG/MND +30% to the party for 25 seconds
    C1: Curaga. Activate Summoning
    C1 Summoning: 4 ST magical Lightning/NE attacks. Curaga. Remove Summoning
    C2: Basic Medica
    C2 Summoning: 2 ST magical Lightning/NE attacks. Basic Medica
  • Shantotto LMR2
    Start battle with EnLightning
  • Prompto LMR
    25% chance to dualcast Machinist abilities
  • Ignis LMR
    Start battle with Quick Cast 3“Quick Cast 3” [ID:2015]
    Cast speed x2,00, lasts for 3 turns
  • Garnet LMR2 [Minor Lightning Resist Light Armor]
    25% chance to cast a Basic Medica after using a Bard ability

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