Summer Sun Festival Banner 3

  • Cloud ASB [+Wind Sword]
    20 ST ranged physical Wind attacks and 1 ST ranged physical Wind attack that can break the damage cap
  • Noctis ASB
    3 ST auto critical physical NE attacks that can break the damage cap
  • Cloud USB2 [+Wind Bracer]
    15 ST physical Wind attacks. EnWind and EX: True Self
    EX: True Self: ATK +30% and cast Air Hazard after using a Wind attack
    Air Hazard: Randomly deal 4 (50%) or 8 (50%) ST physical Wind/NE attacks that can break the damage cap
  • Aerith USB2
    Instant, Curaga Medica, Last Stand“Last Stand” [ID:261]
    Prevents death by way of damage once, restoring HP for 1% maximum HP
    , and Physical High Quick Cast 3 to party
  • Zack CSB
    100% Max Wind Chain and +20% Wind damage field effect for 15 seconds. +50% ATK and +50% Critical Damage to party for 25 seconds
  • Cloud Glint
    Instant, 6 ST physical Wind/NE attacks. Grants EnWind and EnWind Stacking to the user
  • Noctis Glint
    Instant, Stoneskin 100% and Combat Rank Boost to the user
  • Cloud BSB2
    8 ST physical Wind/NE attacks. EnWind
    C1: 4 ST physical Wind/NE attacks. Damage scales with user’s ATK
    C2: 2 AoE physical Wind/NE attacks. Bark Dargain“Bark Dargain” [ID:BARK]
    ATK +30%, DEF -30%, Instantly boots all other Cloud users from your multiplayer games
  • Zack BSB
    8 random ranged physical Wind/Earth attacks. Imperil Wind
    C1: 4 ST physical Wind/NE attacks at fast speed
    C2: 2 AoE physical Wind/NE attacks at fast speed
  • Noctis BSB
    Instant, 10 ST physical NE attacks. Combat King“Combat King” [ID:6003]
    ATK, DEF and RES +30%
    for 25 seconds
    C1: 2 ST physical NE attacks. High Quick Cast 2
    C2: Stoneskin 30% and Smart Ether 1“Smart Ether 1”
    Restores a Use to the ability with the least Uses remaining
  • Iris BSB
    Cura Medica. Stoneskin 30%“Stoneskin 30%” [ID:265]
    Reduces damage taken to 0, up to an amount of damage equal to 30% of the character’s maximum HP
    and Astra“Astra” [ID:594]
    Prevents Poison, Silence, Paralyze, Confuse, Slow, Stop, Blind, Sleep, Petrify, Berserk, Sap, Stun and Frozen once. Lasts 25 seconds
    to party
    C1: Instant Curaja
    C2: Basic Medica command
  • Cloud LMR2
    25% chance to dualcast abilities that deal Wind damage
  • Aerith LMR [Minor Holy Resistance]
    25% chance to dualcast White Magic abilities
  • Noctis LMR
    25% chance to dualcast Combat abilities

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