Summer Sun Festival Banner 5

  • Tifa ASB [+Earth Fist]
    3 ST physical Earth attacks that can break the damage cap
  • Ashe ASB [+Lightning Sword]
    3 ST magical Lightning attacks that can break the damage cap
  • Garnet CSB [+Lightning Light Armor]
    150% Max Lightning Chain and +50% Lightning damage field effect for 15 seconds. +50% MAG to party for 25 seconds
  • Tifa USB2 [+Earth Bracer]
    10 ST physical Earth/NE attacks. EnEarth, +30% ATK/DEF for 25 seconds, and Monk Ability Double
  • Ashe USB
    10 ST magical Lightning/NE attacks. EnLightning, MAG/RES +30% for 25 seconds, casts Lightning Sigil after dealing damage with a Lightning ability
    Lightning Sigil: 2/3/4/5/6 ST magical Lightning/NE attacks based on 1/2/3/4/5 rank of ability used to trigger
  • Tifa Glint
    Instant, Grant Monk Rank Boost and increase Striker Mode by 1, starting from 0
    Striker Mode 1/2/3: Cast speed x2/x4/x6 for 15 seconds
  • Maria BSB
    8 ST magical Earth/NE attacks. EnEarth
    C1: 3/4/5/6 ST magical Earth/NE attacks based on 1/624/973/1032 MAG thresholds.
    C2: 2 AoE magical Earth/Fire attacks. Magic Bargain“Magic Bargain” [ID:6002]
    MAG +30%, DEF -30%
  • Garnet BSB2 [+Lightning Staff]
    Imperil Lightning to all enemies, ATK/MAG +30% to party for 25 seconds
    C1: 40% Max HP cure on lowest health party member, activate Ramuh
    C1: “Ramuh”: 2 AoE magical Lightning/NE attacks. 30% Max HP cure to party, deactivate Ramuh
    C2: 4 ST summoning magical Lightning/NE attacks
    C2 “Ramuh”: 5 ST summoning magical Lightning/NE attacks
  • Aphmau BSB
    Cura Medica, MAG/MND +30% to party for 25 seconds
    C1: Curaga, activate Summon
    C1 “Summon”: 4 ST white magical Lightning/NE attacks. Curaga, remove Summon
    C2: Basic Healer Medica
    C2 “Summon”: Basic Healer Medica, 2 ST white magical Lightning/NE attacks
  • Relm BSB
    Cura Medica, Last Stand“Last Stand” [ID:261]
    Prevents death by way of damage once, restoring HP for 1% maximum HP

    C1: Instant Curaja
    C2: Basic Healer Medica
  • Garnet LMR2 [Minor Lightning Resistance]
    25% chance to cast a Basic Medica after using a Bard ability
  • Tifa LMR [+Earth Light Armor]
    Grants EnEarth at the beginning of the battle
  • Ashe LMR [+Lightning Bracer]
    Grants EnLightning at the beginning of the battle

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