4th Anniversary Festival Banner 4 Information

Banner information obtained from the Official FFRK Wiki.
Detailed effect information credited to Enlir’s FFRK Database.
Relics new to the game are in bold as well as a link to their animation(if available).

  • Terra AASB [+Fire Sword]
    15 ST magical Fire/NE attacks. EnFire, Awaken Fire, Damage Cap Break(20k), and Terra Trance
    Awaken Fire: Dualcast Fire, Fire abilities don’t consume uses, Fire Rank Boost
    Terra Trance: ATK/DEF/MAG/RES/MND/ACC/EVA +20% and cast speed x2
  • Bartz AASB [+Wind Light Armor]
    15 ST physical Fire/Water/Wind/Earth/NE attacks. Major Buff Fire/Water/Wind/Earth, Awaken Spellblade, Damage Cap Break(20k), Master Barrage
    Awaken Spellblade: Dualcast Spellblade, Spellblade abilities don’t consume uses, Spellblade Rank Boost
    Master Barrage: 8 ST physical Fire/Water/Wind/Earth/NE attacks after using 2 Spellblade abilities
  • Cloud ASB2 [+Dark Sword]
    3 ST physical Dark attacks that can break the damage cap(100k)
  • Cloud USB3 [+Dark Light Armor]
    10 ST physical Dark/NE attacks. EnDark, Heavy Charge Booster, and Darkness Blow
    Darkness Blow: 4 ST physical Dark/NE attacks that can break the damage cap(100k) after using a Dark ability
  • Rosa USB2
    Instant h85 Medica. Regenga and High Quick Cast 2 to party
  • Faris CSB [+Wind Bow]
    150% Max Wind Chain and +50% Wind damage field effect for 15 seconds. +50% ATK to party for 25 seconds
  • Cloud Glint2
    Instant 6 ST physical Dark/NE attacks. EnDark and EnDark Stacking
  • Rosa Glint
    Instant Magical Blink 1 and Haste to the party
  • Bartz Glint [+Fire Bracer]
    Instant Spellblade High Quick Cast and Spellblade Rank Boost
  • Faris BSB2
    Instant 8 ST ranged physical Wind/Fire attacks. ATK/DEF -50% to the target
    C1: 2 ST ranged physical Wind/Fire attacks. ATK -40% to the target
    C2: 2 ST ranged physical Wind/Fire attacks. DEF -40% to the target
  • Cloud LMR4
    Start the battle with EnWind
  • Cloud LMR5
    Start the battle with EnDark
  • Terra LMR2
    Start the battle with EnFire
  • Rosa LMR2
    25% chance to dualcast White Magic abilities

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