OSB Lucky Draw – Autumn Festival 2018

Starts at 6:00PM PDT on September 22nd, 2018

Half price 11 draw from a pool of Overstrike Soul Breaks, listed below.

Assumed last eligible event: This relic draw

FFI (Total: 3)
  • Warrior of Light(+Holy Sword), Garland(RS +Dark Axe), Meia(RS +Water Rod)
FFII (Total: 2)
  • Firion(RS +Holy Sword), Maria(RS +Earth Bow)
FFIII (Total: 3)
  • Luneth(+Wind Spear), Onion Knight, Cloud of Darkness(+Dark Staff)
FFIV (Total: 3)
  • Paladin Cecil(+Holy Sword), Kain, Rydia(RS +Earth Rod)
FFV (Total: 3)
  • Gilgamesh, Bartz, Krile(RS +Fire Rod)
FFVI (Total: 7)
  • Terra(RS +Fire Sword), Locke(+Holy Dagger), Celes(RS +Holy Sword), Edgar(RS +Poison Gun), Sabin, Strago(+Water Light Armor), Kefka(+Dark Bracer)
FFVII (Total: 3)
  • Cloud(RS +Wind Sword), Tifa(RS +Earth Fist), Sephiroth(RS +Dark Katana)
FFVIII (Total: 6)
  • Squall(RS +Ice Sword), Rinoa(RS +Earth), Quistis(+Poison Whip), Raijin(RS +Lightning Hammer), Fujin(RS +Wind Thrown), Ultimecia
FFIX (Total: 5)
  • Zidane(RS +Wind Sword), Vivi(+Fire Staff), Steiner(RS +Fire Sword), Beatrix(+Holy Sword), Kuja(+Dark Rod)
FFX (Total: 3)
  • Tidus(+Water Sword), Auron(+Fire Light Armor), Jecht(RS +Dark Blitzball)
FFXI (Total: 1)
  • Ayame
FFXII (Total: 6)
  • Vaan, Balthier(RS +Fire Gun), Basch(RS +Holy Sword), Ashe(RS +Lightning Sword), Gabranth(+Dark Sword), Vayne(+Dark Sword)
FFXIII (Total: 4)
  • Lightning(RS +Lightning Sword), Hope(RS +Holy Thrown), Fang(RS +Wind Spear), Cid Raines(+Dark Fist)
FFXIV (Total: 1)
  • Papalymo(RS +Fire Rod)
FFXV (Total: 3)
  • Noctis, Gladiolus(+Fire Sword, RS +Earth), Aranea
FFT (Total: 2)
  • Agrias(+Holy Sword), Orlandeau(+Holy Sword)
FFT0 (Total: 4)
  • Ace, Rem(+Holy Dagger), Machina, Queen
Beyond (Total: 1)
  • Lann(RS +Fire Fist LOL)
Core (Total: 1)
  • Tyro
Overall: 61 Overstrike Soul Breaks

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