FFIV Event Preview – Kain & Golbez

Estimated Time of Arrival: October 3rd, 2018

Banner information obtained from the Official JP FFRK Wiki.
Detailed effect information credited to Enlir’s FFRK Database.
Relics new to the game are in bold as well as a link to their animation(if available).

New Legend Dives

Legend Materia 1: Increase Monk damage by 15%
Legend Materia 2: 35% chance to dualcast Monk abilities

Cid (IV)
Legend Materia 1: Increase Lightning damage by 10%
Legend Materia 2: 30% to Imperil Lightning 10% target after using a Lightning ability

Banner 1

  • Kain ASB [+Lightning Spear]
    3 ST physical Lightning jump attacks that can break the damage cap
  • Golbez CSB
    150% Max Dark Chain and +50% Dark damage field effect for 15 seconds. +50% MAG to party for 25 seconds
  • Yang USB
    10 ST physical Earth/NE attacks. EnEarth, Frying Pan, and Decisive Kick finisher for 15 seconds
    Frying Pan: Gain a Frying Pan charge after using a Monk ability up to 3 charges. Critical Chance 30/50/75% and Cast Speed x2/2.5/x3 based on 1/2/3 Frying Pan charges.
    Decisive Kick: 1 ST attack that can break the damage cap(100k) based on 35% of Earth damage done during Frying Pan
  • Porom USB
  • Golbez BSB2
    8 ST magical Dark/NE attacks. Dark Radiant Shield to party
    C1: 4 ST magical Dark/NE attacks
    C2: 3 ST magical Dark/NE attacks. Quick Cast 2
  • Yang BSB
  • Porom BSB
  • Cid (IV) BSB
  • Rydia BSB2
  • Kain LMR2
    Start battle with EnLightning
  • Yang LMR
    Monk abilities deal 25% more damage with a Fist weapon equipped
  • Cid (IV) LMR
    Last Stand and Hailstorm when HP falls below 20%
  • Golbez LMR
  • Porom LMR

Banner 2

  • Dark Cecil ASB [+Dark Sword]
  • Edward USB
  • Palom USB
  • Barbariccia USB [+Wind Dagger]
  • Dark Cecil Glint
  • Edward BSB
  • Palom BSB
  • Barbariccia BSB
  • Edge BSB
  • Dark Cecil LMR2
  • Edward LMR
  • Palom LMR
  • Barbariccia LMR [Minor Wind Resist]
  • Edge LMR [RS +Water Light Armor]

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The strengths of this realm are split and inconsistent here, and for a Torment release event it’s reasonable to hope for more than this for putting together strong parties. This is on top of the fact that the banner format, as of the last event,  has already shifted to five 6* relics at the top of banners while this one remains stuck in the past at four.

Banner 1 provides realm healing but pairs it with a chain for Golbez as well as his Dark Radiant Shield, which are both strengths in Magicite but not Torment.

Banner 2 actually has something resembling a theme with Edward USB, Palom USB, and Barbariccia USB being formidable for the creation of a mage team, but unfortunately the format does the banner no favors as Dark Cecil ASB doesn’t serve much purpose if a magical team is your aim and with the next Holy Magicite six months away there’s no pressing need for it there either. The current banner format makes this a weakened banner versus the other realm banners of the era by default.

Who are These Banners For?

FFIV fans and those who can somehow make all four 6* work for them, since that’s what it would take to match other banners in the era where you can like four and not really care for one of them. The handicapped format, mixed themes, and the Dark element presence makes these banners a tough sell for almost any account.

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