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Detailed effect information credited to Enlir’s FFRK Database.
Relics new to the game are in bold. Relic titles link to their animation videos, if available.

  • Onion Knight ASB [+Water Hat]
    3 ST magical Wind/Water/Fire/Earth attacks that can break the damage cap(100k)
  • Tyro USB4
    Instant. Critical Chance +50% and Haste to party. High Quick Cast and Judge’s Apocrypha
    Judge’s Apocrypha: 60/70/80/90/100% Critical Chance to party after using 1/2/3/4/5+ Support abilities
  • Y’shtola USB2
    Instant Curaga Medica. Magical Quick Cast 3 to party. Brave Mode(White Magic)
    Brave 0: Instant Cura
    Brave 1: Instant Basic Medica
    Brave 2: Instant Cura Medica
    Brave 3: Instant Cura Medica. Last Stand to party
  • Cloud ASB [+Wind Sword]
    20 ST physical Wind attacks and 1 ST physical Wind attack that can break the damage cap(100k)
  • Onion Knight USB3 [+Water Light Armor]
    10 ST magical Wind/Water/Fire/Earth attacks. EX: Wisdom of Light
    EX: Wisdom of Light: MAG +30%, cast speed x2 for magical damage, casts Wind/Water/Fire/Earth Onion Magic after using a Wind/Water/Fire/Earth Black Magic ability
    Onion Magic: 5 ST magical Wind, Water, Fire, or Earth attacks based on triggering ability’s element
  • Tyro USB3
    Protect, Shell, Haste, and DEF/RES +200% to party
  • Tyro Glint
    Instant 2000 HP heal and Esuna to party
  • Cloud Glint
    Instant 6 ST physical Wind/NE attacks. EnWind and EnWind Stacking
  • Onion Knight LMR2
    Black Magic abilities deal 25% more damage when equipping a Rod
  • Cloud LMR2
    25% chance to dualcast Wind abilities
  • Tyro LMR
    Start battle with Instant Cast 2
  • Onion Knight LMR1
    Start battle with Instant Cast 2

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