FFV Event Preview – Bartz, Lenna, Faris & Krile

ETA: March 14th 2019

Banner information obtained from the Official JP FFRK Wiki.
Detailed effect information credited to Enlir’s FFRK Database.
Relics new to the game are in bold as well as a link to their animation(if available).

Banner 1 [Simulator]

  • Bartz USB3 [+Wind Axe]
    10 ST physical Wind/NE attacks. EnWind and EX Essence of the Wind
    EX Essence of the Wind: Grant Physical High Quick Cast 1 to front row party members and 1/5/15/Repeat ST physical Wind/NE attacks after using Wind abilities
  • Lenna USB3
    Instant, h85 Medica. Quick Cast. Regenga, Minor Resist Ice, Minor Resist Water to party
  • Faris USB4
    10 random ranged physical Fire/Wind attacks. ATK/DEF -50% to targets. Thief Damage +30%, Thief Brave“X Brave”
    For 15 seconds the Attack command is replaced with a Brave command which has effects that change depending on how many Brave charges the character has. Generate a Brave charge every time an X ability is used. Start with 2 charges. Max 3 charges and reset charges to 0 if the Brave command is used

    Faris Brave:
    0 Charges: Instant 1 ST ranged Fire/Wind attack
    1 Charge: Instant 6 ST ranged Fire/Wind attacks. DEF -30% to target
    2 Charges: Instant 6 ST ranged Fire/Wind attacks. DEF -40% to target
    3 Charges: Instant 6 ST ranged Fire/Wind attacks. DEF/RES/MND -70%
  • Krile USB3 [+Earth Rod]
    10 ST magical Earth/NE attacks. EnEarth, Quick Cast 1. Gain Quick Cast 1 and cast Inherited Essence after using Earth attacks
    Inherited Essence: 4 ST magical Earth/NE attacks. 5 if Galuf is present and alive
  • Bartz AOSB [+Wind Dagger]
    3 ST magical Wind/Water/Fire/Earth overflow(100k) attacks
  • Krile AOSB [+Fire Light Armor]
    20 ST magical Fire attacks and 1 ST magical Fire overflow(100k) attack
  • Bartz Glint [+Fire Bracer]
    Instant, Spellblade High Quick Cast and Spellblade Rank Boost
  • Faris Glint
    Instant 6 AoE ranged physical Fire/Wind attacks. ATK/MAG -40% to targets
  • Krile Glint
    Instant, EnEarth, EnEarth Stacking, High Quick Cast 2
  • Faris LMR2
    25% chance to dualcast Thief abilities
  • Krile LMR3
    Start the battle with EnEarth
  • Bartz LMR2
    25% increased Spellblade damage with a Sword equipped
  • Lenna LMR
    25% chance to h25 Medica after using White Magic abilities

Banner 2 [Simulator]

  • Kelger AOSB [+Earth Sword]
    20 ST physical Earth attacks and 1 ST physical Earth overflow(100k) attack
  • Galuf CSB (Gen2 Physical Earth Chain)
  • Gilgamesh CSB [+Fire Heavy Armor] (Gen2 Physical Fire Chain)
  • Gogo USB [+Water Rod]
    Instant, EnWater. Last Stand and Haste to party. Mimic two times
  • Galuf USB2 (Imperil Earth, Earth Quick Cycle)
  • Kelger USB [+Earth Sword] (Ninja Rank Boost, Earth Ninja Chase)
  • Gogo Glint
    Instant, EnWater, EnWater Stacking, Mimic
  • Kelger Glint
    Instant 6 ST physical Earth/NE attacks, EnEarth, EnEarth Stacking
  • Galuf BSB2 (Imperil Earth)
  • Gilgamesh BSB2 (EnFire)
  • Gogo LMR
    25% increased Water damage with a Rod equipped
  • Kelger LMR2
    Start the battle with EnEarth
  • Galuf LMR3
    Start the battle with EnEarth
  • Kelger LMR1 [+Earth Light Armor]
    25% chance to add Physical Blink 1 after using a Ninja ability

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