This website is a monument to my dissatisfaction with how information about the games I play is organized and presented elsewhere. My mission here is to compile said information and, if necessary, analyze it and then showcase it in an easy to navigate format. I hope that it is of benefit to you!


I’m a lifelong gamer in my 30s that grew up in a family with a tech father(the Pusher!) and a mother that enjoyed playing games with me after I got them(the Enabler!).

Like most of my friends, I was riveted by Nintendo Power. It’s all their fault.

The Nintendo Entertainment System was my gateway to console gaming and the Apple IIgs served the same purpose for PC gaming. Like most kids my age I was multidisciplinary in my game play, but as time passed I began to gravitate toward RPGs and Strategy games of all varieties. The earliest culprits for this transformation would be a copy of Dragon Warrior that Nintendo Power sent to me for free, Final Fantasy which was pushed at me by the same publication(thanks!), as well as Chessmaster 2100 and Bard’s Tale which both frustrated me but also rewarded me for being willing to adapt and try again many times over. From those roots were born a predilection for planning and predictive analysis that would go on to shape my entire life!

You’d be hard pressed to find a game better suited to my preferences.

That leads us here. I’m still a gamer and likely always will be. I’m an unabashed Final Fantasy fan, likely due to the series staple of reworking game mechanics between titles, which more often than not produces a fresh playground of familiarity in which to dissect and exploit to my heart’s content. I’m also a player as well as an avid follower of the competitive Real-Time Strategy scene, thanks to the presence of a rich meta-game which encourages great discussion and ensures that the game never ends since you’re always playing out possibilities in your head.

These days I’m playing Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, a surprisingly good mobile game that combines elements from the entire series into a package of mechanics that recalls the games I played as a child. It capitalizes on my nostalgia, it’s exploitative of our carrot chasing habits, and it can be fairly time consuming, but I like it very much. Considering how I am, it’s a mystery how it took me so long to start breaking it down and looking for ways for us players to retain agency in our unceasing fight against power creep!