Lightning S Tier – Autumn 2017

S Tier Lightning Characters

A nice split here between two physical and two magical characters and each side having a chain. I expect this to change soon with the addition of a third chain. Maybe with that addition of Garnet we’ll find a worthy physical character to maintain the balance?

Stay tuned for the update to the lists coming after I’ve compiled all of the Autumn information!

Fire S Tier – Autumn 2017

S Tier Fire Characters

At the top of the damage list is the most expansive category. Fire damage dealers are plentiful, and the S Tier is held to a high standard because of it. Otherwise, this single tier would be as large as some entire lists.

That’s exciting, because it allows us to highlight some of the truly most powerful characters in the game since a few have taken up residence in the fire part of town.

Debuffing S Tier – Autumn 2017

S Tier Debuffers

Poor debuffers. They used to be the shining beacon of hope against the dreadful “Ignores DEF” and “Ignores RES” bosses we were pummeled with week after week. How times have changed. FFRK has decided that our hardest content, bar none, is Magicites and as long as that’s true Debuffers will be relegated to a lesser role compared to other utility contributors.

They do still exist though! There is content beyond Magicite and Debuffers excel and ripping apart a boss’s capabilities even at half effectiveness. This brief list goes into which I believe are the best of them.