There’s a few ways to get in contact with me. Some better than others. I’ll go over the best ways.

Discord []

My Discord server is active with people who frequent my stream, and are likely the best people to talk to if you need information if I happen to not be around. On that note, I am around during almost all waking hours and it’s likely that I’ll be the first to respond to you if you ping me. Direct Messaging me there is also an option if the public option isn’t your thing.

Twitter []

I am awful at Twitter. I try to use it as a way to keep people informed of my goings on and stream times, but fail at it as often as I succeed. With that said, I do check my Twitter very often and @Dirge_IX is likely to get you a swift reply.

YouTube []

I’m around here almost as much as I am on Discord. When I’m not streaming, I’m watching something! Messaging me here or catching me during one of my streams is a lock for reaching me.

Contact Form

Finally, if none of those options appeal to you, I’ve made a contact form for ease of use. Keep in mind that this is more for the submission of comments, suggestions, and other one-way communication. I will not be able to respond to these.