My opinions are my own, but those opinions are built from information I’ve learned from many sources. I’d like to give them a shout out here as thanks.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper

  • tfmurphy: I believe the best boss guides we have available to us are tfmuphy’s Enemy Stats and AI dumps, because they allow us to see exactly what a boss is up to so we can adapt our own parties to suit the situation rather than force what we have to conform to a specific strategy that someone else has employed.
  • Zurai001: Since tfmurphy grabs his info from the global client, it can sometimes take a bit for it to become available. Before that time, we have Zurai’s excellent JP boss guides if we want to peak at future bosses or like doing events at their launch instead of waiting.
  • Enlir: Maintains, in my opinion, the most important document available to the FFRK community. Invaluable contribution and we’d all be worse off without it.
  • CareerSMN: Much in the same way that I use Zurai’s boss guides to prepare for coming fights, CareerSMN compiles the JP Event Megathread and Banner information for the FFRecordKeeper subreddit, and does a great job squeezing as much information into as little space as possible.

There’s many more within the FFRK community that deserve our thanks, and I hope to keep growing this list.