Debuffing S Tier – Autumn 2017

S Tier Debuffers

Poor debuffers. They used to be the shining beacon of hope against the dreadful “Ignores DEF” and “Ignores RES” bosses we were pummeled with week after week. How times have changed. FFRK has decided that our hardest content, bar none, is Magicites and as long as that’s true Debuffers will be relegated to a lesser role compared to other utility contributors.

They do still exist though! There is content beyond Magicite and Debuffers excel and ripping apart a boss’s capabilities even at half effectiveness. This brief list goes into which I believe are the best of them.

Buffing S Tier – Autumn 2017

S Tier Buffing Supports

Similar to healers, the average level of quality among buffing supports is quite high, which can make it difficult to separate a highest tier from the rest of the pack.

That didn’t end up occurring here. Though it may be true that being able to buff and Entrust is good enough to get you near the top, we happen to have a trio of exceptional buffers that stand above the rest.

Healing S Tier – Autumn 2017

S Tier Healers

Even in the rapid fire world of Magicite and Mote dungeons, healing plays a broad role in how people construct their teams.  While healing is necessary for many teams for a great deal of players, the speedy nature of FFRK’s current challenges ask us to expect more from our healers.

There are many healers that provide a sufficient amount of heals to tackle all levels of content in the game and those are featured heavily in the A and B tiers, but for the S Tier I ask for more than just healing, because I know there are healers out there that can benefit the party in other ways while they keep the party alive. These characters allow you to squeeze extra value out of a slot that you may be bringing to almost all, if not every, group for the hardest content in the game.